"Gino McKoy is a rarity, a multi-talented visionary with the innate gifts to make an impact on not only music but also on Hollywood."
"Gino McKoy embraces excess in this brand-new bolt of lyrical lightning...the preeminent R&B dance track of the summer...a boldly stimulating video...the product of disciplined songcraft...artistic originality...impressive...I can't wait to hear more...a haunting vocal harmony."
Indie Source Magazine
Anne Hollister, Indie Source Magazine
July 18, 2019
"Pop aficionados have a lot to be excited about with Gino McKoy’s Lumina EP and its first single, the superb Sensy Girl…deliciously amped-up slow jam…this is the track that I would recommend above all others."
MobAngeles Dishes about Gino McKoy, Sensy Girl
Michael Rand,
July 17, 2019
"Incredible new single from the LUMINA soundtrack...entrancing...Sensy Girl is a soulful R&B ballad. Its eruptive beats will have anyone within earshot moving to the grooves in a way that only the finest pop music can. The fluidity of the composition is amazing...[Sensy Girl] is ambitious...multidimensional...Gino McKoy is ready to take over the primetime stage."
"[Gino McKoy's] blending of reggae and synth-pop ensures that [Sensy Girl] fans will be lured out to the dance floor."
"Sheer sonic magic...Sensy Girl is darkly decadent - a white-hot slice of R&B."
Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts Inc.
July 17, 2019
"Sensy Girl is a smooth cocktail of hip-hop and urban pop...larger than life. [Gino McKoy's] vocal is such a strong entity in its own right...refined...honest, organic...cerebral...spellbinding...a glimpse at what he has in store for fans. A singular sonic force to be reckoned with."
Gino McKoy: Indie Music reviews
Jamie Morse, Indie Music Reviews
July 15, 2019
"[Sensy Girl has a] killer synth line and intricate hooky beat."
Sensy Girl by Gino McKoy Rave Review: Dope Cause We Said
Dope Cause We Said - Music | Style | Culture
July 1, 2019
"Gino McKoy is the exception...Gino isn't one to walk well-beaten everyone can listen and dance to."
Music News UK
Music News UK
June 30, 2019
"Sensy Girl...Sexy, uplifting jam that’s heavy on the bounce..."
Skope Magazine Gino McKoy Review
Skope Magazine
June 29, 2019
"Gino McKoy has made big moves within the music and movie industries...[Sensy Girl is a] classic yet modern R&B track that showcases McKoy’s natural songwriting talent..."
June 24, 2019
"Rarely does a combination like this come along in the entertainment industry."
Vents Magazine feature on Gino McKoy
Vents Magazine
June 21, 2019
"Our favorite [song from the 2006 FIFA World Cup] is Soca Warriors Anthem, by Gino McKoy."
The New York Times
"[Gino McKoy is] an immensely talented musician, screenwriter, and"
Mick Guzauski
Mick Guzauski
Sound Mixer / Engineer
"[Gino McKoy is] an artist of great potential...gifted songwriter and artist. A genuine asset..."
Greg Phillinganes
Greg Phillinganes
Keyboardist, former musical director to Michael Jackson
Daniel Bukszpan, CNBC
Daniel Bukszpan
"WOW. Wonderful music. It's a hit!"
David Kershenbaum
David Kershenbaum
Music Producer, former Capitol Records A&R executive
"Gino has a unique, exquisite vocal sound. His voice does remind me of Michael Jackson, but also reminds me of nobody I've heard. There's a little Nat King Cole...Marvin Gaye in him, all sorts of things that create this magnetism that people will be drawn to...I wanted to create a song right away."
Nick Blagona
Nick Blagona
Music Producer
"[Sensy Girl is] fresh and unique...super catchy and easy to sing along to. Tropical and summer-ish vibes."
Airwave Music TV
AirWave Music TV
"Bass has a good groove...nice sound design. Good Latin vibe."
"Vocals sound great, I like the melodies and the rhythm."
Argentina Top Viral Hits
Argentina Top Viral Hits
"A promising listen...interested to hear more from [Gino McKoy]."
Bristol Funk
Bristol Funk
"Sensy Girl is a positive, soulful anthem."
July 2, 2019