Gino McKoy visted the studio of sound mixing legend and 15-time Grammy award winner Mick Guzauski as he prepares for his debut release LUMINA EP. The album features three music  singles which were written and recorded by Gino McKoy and produced by former Capitol Records and Elektra A&R exec David Kershenbaum. 

Going from good to great with one of the greats

Gino McKoy says that it’s been a privilege and honor to work with Mick. Gino McKoy narrowed down the best sound mixers in the music biz, spoke to several before deciding to go with Mick for these tracks … his talent is unrivaled and a wonderful person.


Gino McKoy, record producer David Kershenbaum and Bernie Grundman pose for a quick photo together after a long day of mastering …

Gino McKoy was at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles from dawn until dusk mastering the three singles which will be included in his debut release LUMINA EP. The album will include new songs from Gino McKoy

Gino McKoy recently finished mixing the songs at East West Studios. Gino McKoy poses with Bernie Grundman and music producer to Gino McKoyformer A&R executive with Capitol Records, David Kershenbaum. 

Mastering a Masterpiece with Gino McKoy and Bernie Grundman

Bernie Grundman is a music mastering legend, having mixed such albums as Thriller by Michael Jackson and Purple Rain by Prince. He has mastered 37 projects which have recieved Grammy Award nominations. Bernie Grundman and his mastering studio have won numerous TEC awards, including Best Mastering Facility.

Gino McKoy music to be featured in Hollywood theatrical release film

The three singles will be featured in the upcoming theatrical film, LUMINA, which was written by Gino McKoy. LUMINA will be released to theaters worldwide in early 2020. 

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